Welcome to The 3905 Century Club

The 3905 Century Club is an international amateur radio club founded in 1977. For over 40 years the club has operated the premier Worked All States, DX and awards nets on the amateur bands and has thousands of members across the globe.

If you want to earn your WAS award or other fun awards this is the place to do it. We run nets on 20m, 40, 80, and 160m in SSB, RTTY, PSK and CW modes. We also offer over 40 awards.

If you're ready to get started see the net schedule below for today's nets and come join us. If you need more information please look further down on this page for additional information or contact our Member Communications and Services Manager,

A new process for on-line voting will be used starting with the election this year. Voting on-line requires you register on the new club website.

The Election Committee encourages everyone to vote on-line. Other methods for voting such as, e-mail and U.S. Mail while still available are not preferred because of the potential to get lost and not be received.

Only club members will have the ability to register on the club website. Every member has been assigned a member number. You will need this number to register.

We encourage you to register as soon as possible to avoid any delays when you cast your vote.

The frequencies listed above are the scheduled primary frequency of the net.
All nets are to operate +/- QRM.

ZULU/LOCAL Time Conversion Table is available if needed.

Check out our full Net Schedule to see all we have to offer.

List of Club Benefits

1. SSB 20m nets Saturday, Sunday and holidays
2. 160m nets fall and winter only
3. Digital nets operate Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday

Club Announcements

Brief Overview of how the net works:

At the start of a net, the Net Controller (NCS) creates a check-in list using NetLogger.

After taking check-ins, the NCS will run thru the list allowing each person to call to any other person on the net. The NCS will declare a contact to be valid if the signal reports are confirmed correctly.

When it comes time for a station to make a call, that operator has three options: they may

  1. make a call to a station they hear
  2. go “up for grabs” (an invitation to anyone to call) or
  3. "take a pass"

Below is some information you may also find helpful

QSL Cards

Exchanging QSL cards is the lifeblood of the club and a requirement. Please consider using our bureau. This link will take you to the bureau page. Using the bureau to exchange QSL cards will save you a significant amount of postage and is free except for postage costs.


The club uses NetLogger for logging check-ins live during the net. NetLogger is free.

NetLogger link to download: https://www.netlogger.org

NetLogger Guide: Net Logger Guide (PDF)

100-point Application for Membership
your first award is free
100 point application (PDF)

Thank you for visiting the 3905 Century Club web page. I hope you join us and have a lot of fun!

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