I have decided to run for president and offer the following goals for consideration:

To have fun, make our nets enjoyable, trust and respect one another, and getting back to 100 checkins which would be a real trip.

To complete unfinished business Need to complete the bylaws (80% completed already).  They need to be concise and easy to understand by our membership.  Also need to complete the Club Operations Handbook that was started in 2010.  And finally restore the Technology committee.

To re-engage the awards committee working on revisions and new awards.  Find new opportunities for existing members to work on fun awards.

Find qualified people to fill vacant officer positions.  (Net Coordinators and NCS's are priority.  Find a way to monitor and mentor NCS's for consistency and ability)

Develop a plan to improve membership and develop a plan to attract direct checkins.  In 2012 we gained 44 new members and this year we only have gotten about 30.  Also in 2012 the club issued 786 awards and for this year we may hit 475.  Folks these are not good numbers to sustain the club into the future.

Restart the Courtesy envelope program.  This has been a good source of new members in the past.

Get our members more involved by allowing them to influence of board voting.  Set up a survey site like surveymonkey and poll our active members.  Using a tool like this can aid in our boards to make better decisions

Support the best I can for the 2018 eyeball and make it a great success.  Also make our annual meeting and eyeball event a fun event for members.

In closing all I ask you to do is visit the club's website and view the ballot.  I am sure that you will find me quite qualified for the position of president of the club.

Dean Davis, N7XG


Happy Holidays to everyone from K1YAG
I am currently the Vice President of the 3905 Century Club and am very interested in becoming your new President in 2018.  I believe that my business experience and professionalism will be an asset to the club in the Presidential capacity.
While in graduate school and working as a real estate broker/appraiser and running a FM radio station at nights; I originally started in the 3905 Club in 1989 as a 75M NCS.  Then finished a two-tier 35 year career in manufacturing as an engineer acquiring 5 government PMA/patents and working Air Force military contracts abroad; and the airline industry flying the B747-400 as Captain worldwide.  I currently run a manufacturing business making aircraft engine parts and teach CW to Boy Scouts at summer camp.  I am a member of several professional organizations.
I returned to the Club in 2015 with great expectations.  Some of the accomplishments made for the members of the Club recently include-

The “lifeblood” on our nets is the NCS.  I have been working diligently at improving our club and will continue in the future to fight to bring up our moral and transparency to our members.  It will be a joint effort between myself, the BoD and the membership as a whole.  I will establish agendas to bring the much needed improvements to expand our club which will attract new members and allow greater participation and welcome old members back.  The goals will include the following-

1. Establish and work with a committee to oversee a much needed 3905 Club Bylaw rewrite.

2. Establish additional duties for the Vice President to assist the President and the club.

3. Implement a program for overseeing and establishing our Eyeball convention every year.

4. Establishing an agenda to bring back our highly respected NCS's, Area Directors, Training Officers and members that have left the club recently.

5. Implement a program where we can have the latest conference call network available for the BoD meetings and communication of club issues “personally”, with minimal impact to our treasury.

6. Establish a program to have NEW awards added each year to our awards program and to poll our members what they would like to see implemented and their interest.

7. Establish a program to oversee participation at several Hamfest functions throughout the year to promote the 3905 Century Club and allow local members to assist and become involved and to “Highlight” our club.

8. Implement a program where an NCS “relay station” will get net-credit and an award each year for helping out on our nets and recognition for their valuable time served.

9. Implement a program to attract DX participation to our nets and expanding our recognition.

This is a difficult challenge but I am up for the task!!

Thank you for your consideration and your VOTE.    I invite everyone to log in to my QRZ site. God bless and Happy New Year.      PS: Still working on QSL's  hi hi

Bill Wallace   K1YAG   3905 Century Club   Vice President


In 2007 a fellow from my club comes up to me and says, you want to see something neat?  I was three days out of getting my tech license and I'm sitting here with Bill Dobson N3WD mesmerized by 150 people checking into this net for the sole purpose of a five second QSO… Trying to figure out what the differencee was between a 44 and a 2x2?  The next day I ran to the library and I found me a general study guide that was old as Moses and for the next three weeks I studied, studied at work, studied on my commute home stuck in traffic, and the day finally came where I was going to take this test improve to my Elmer that I actually took in what he was saying.  The first test I took I failed, and though Bill wasn't disappointed with me he was disappointed that this guy that he's been talking to and working with for three weeks might not be able to check into century club net that night.  Lucky for Bill, they made me take it a second time and.  After sipping on a cold Pepsi and relaxing took the test a second time and checked into the Century club that night as KE3HAY/AG.

Soon after that the century club wasn't just net, it became a way of life.  I can't tell you how many times I broke my neck to get home so that I can warm the amp up, make sure that I had heat in the basement, make sure my tuner was perfect, and I sat anxiously waiting to hear that Mississippi southern draw from K5SVC run an efficient no nonsense Net.  I cannot tell you how difficult it was for me to convince my XYL that I had to put an HF station in my car so every time we went on vacation I just had to check into the net because you never know somebody might need that state.

So we case you're wondering why am telling my story, I'm telling my story because I need you the general 3905 public and members to understand at the Century club plays an intricate rolled in peoples lives whether we see it or not.  This club is one reason why my operating skills are where they are today.  This at one time was a premier club that only the best operators would even dare to hang out in.  It's structure and organization was is second to none and this is the presentation I plan to present to prospective members, and current members in the third area.  It is time for us to stop fighting and exposing our internal issues and go out of our comfort zone to make new friends, create new memories, and get more members to join our wonderful Net.

My goal in the third area is to go around and spread the good news about the 3905 Century club.I'm already making plans to go to club meetings in our third area to introduce our club, educate on how we work, teach people how to properly fill out a QLS CARD, get folks into our bureau system and explain how it works, explain the system we use for signal reports and ultimately find generals and extras that are willing to get on nets.  Those technicians that want to be a part of this, I hope this club becomes their motivation to upgrade to that general class license.  Whatever I can do to spark that same interest I had into other folks in our third area that's what I'm going to try to do The previous area director set the stage for a Renaissance in our club and I'm simply going to go out and make sure that the third area is represented on our nets as well as on the board.

From about March until October my family enjoys a camping lifestyle.  Where there are trees and a campfire there will be the 3905 Century Club.  I will be inviting those locals in the area who I've gotten in contact with to come out and get on our nets, and if we get enough squirrels, dear, Fox, and even park rangers that are interested and getting a license to get on the air, I guess we can have a special VE session for them as well.

Let's get back to making the 3905 Century Club fun and exciting again.  That is my goal, that is my only goal in running for third area director.  If you truly understand where I came from, you'll definitely understand where I'm going.

Thanks for your support,