Glenn Silver, AE4EK, is Manager of the 3905 Handiham QSL Service.

1944 Stenerson St
The Villages, FL 32163

The purpose of the 3905 Handiham QSL Service is to provide a fast, convenient and inexpensive way for Handihams needing the services of a QSL Manager to fill out their reply cards when exchanging QSL cards for contacts made with other participants of The 3905 Century Club nets.

The use of this service is open to all Handihams needing QSL Manager services, and to all other net participants needing to send QSLs to Handihams who are using this service.  The QSLs exchanged must only be for the confirmation of contacts made on nets operated by The 3905 Century Club.  When checking in to 3905CC nets, Handihams who have made arrangements to use this bureau as their QSL Manager should state to the Net Control Station that they wish to exchange QSLs via the Handiham QSL Service.

This QSL Bureau offers several account and envelope options when it comes to handling your QSL cards.  See options below.  See a chart with a Cost Comparison - QSL via Bureau vs QSL Direct.

Handihams using this Service will need to maintain a supply of SASEs (Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes) on file with this bureau to be used for sending cards received by the Service to them.  They may send their own SASEs via postal mail or they may send funds to pay for envelopes and postage provided by the Handiham QSL Bureau Manager.  They will also need to provide a supply of preprinted personal QSL cards to be used to respond to contacts they make.

This bureau will NOT maintain envelopes on file for non-Handihams or for Handihams not using this bureau as their QSL Manager.  QSLs prepared by this bureau as QSL Manager on behalf of Handiham members of this bureau will be mailed in bulk to the other Bureau(s) for final delivery to those who have envelopes or funds in those other Bureaus.  Cards sent to this Bureau by those who are not good in the other domestic QSL Bureau(s) will not be processed or returned.

This bureau is run by a volunteer who independently offers these services.

For more information about setting up QSL Manager Services, Handihams may contact the Handiham QSL Service Manager by email (link above) or via US Mail.

You can do an on-line check or download a program to do off-line checks on your own computer on whether a station is Good in the Bureau.  “Good in the Bureau” or “GIB” means a station has sent SASEs to the other QSL Bureau(s).

Please understand that it may take ten days or so after you send SASEs or funds to any bureau for your bureau status to be reflected in the GIB listing.  Also, your status will not be reflected in check-in lists created by logging software until those logging the nets update their logger appropriately.  It is Club policy that no GIB listing older than 72 hours is to be used to create net check-in listings.  If your status is wrong in a posted net listing at the same time that it is correct in the On-Line GIB List, then you should notify the person who posted the list using an out of date GIB database.  If your status is wrong in a listing you are viewing live with your own copy of a live logging program, then not only should the person logging the net be notified that his GIB database is out of date, but you also need to update the GIB listing in your own copy of the logger you're using.