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Rick Mobley, WB5FDP, is the Manager of the DX QSL Bureau.  After reading the following, if you have any questions about the operations or policies of the DX QSL Bureau not answered below, please contact Rick directly.

For DX Bureau purposes, DX is any entity that is NOT one of the 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia, or a territory of the United States.  This service is good for all DX contacts made after December 31st, 2002.

The way the DX Bureau operates is fairly simple.  If you work a DX station, as defined under Century Club rules, you may send cards for contacts made using your personal call sign to the DX Bureau and the DX Bureau will return a card from the DX station for that contact, delivering it to you via the KB8UEY bureau … so you must be good in the Domestic QSL Bureau in order to use the DX QSL Bureau.

Note that DX stations have the option to either use the DX Bureau service, or maintain envelopes or funds in the KB8UEY bureau.  You should check the Good in the Bureau listings before mailing cards to the DX Bureau for DX contacts.  DX stations and DX members should contact the DX QSL Bureau Manager directly regarding their choice of arrangements.

Another exception … a few DX stations already have identified a QSL manager in the United States.  That routing and service will not change unless either the individual QSL manager or DX station makes the change.  If a DX station chooses to use a QSL manager other than the DX QSL Bureau for 3905CC contacts, then you will need to send QSLs directly thru that chosen QSL manager and meet his terms and conditions for obtaining a return QSL.

The long and short of it is that when QSLing those DX stations that choose to use the DX QSL Bureau for CCN contacts, and many do, the DX QSL Bureau saves you considerable time, effort and expense you’d otherwise experience to obtain DX QSLs if handled one by one yourself.

Please send your DX cards when practical directly to the DX Bureau.  It is okay to mix DX cards and personal cards for WB5FDP, and cards for stations being managed by WB5FDP (i.e., trucker cards) together in one envelope.  A #10 envelope is not required and sometimes a standard #6¾ works out better for you and is sometimes cheaper in the long run.

In the interest of managing DX Bureau expenses, the DX Bureau will no longer handle the following types of cards …

Please don’t send SASEs (self-addressed stamped envelopes) to the DX Bureau.  The DX Bureau doesn’t have the facilities to store and manage SASEs addressed to individual operators.  You will receive QSLs back via the KB8UEY bureau, so you must maintain envelopes or funds in that bureau.

Before the DX Bureau service was offered, speedy DX cards cost several dollars each to obtain – often more.  The DX QSL Bureau faces these same costs, but manages them by bulking cards for each DX station into fewer, but larger, mailings.  This lowers the cost per card, but the cost is still significant.  Those benefitting from this valuable time, effort, and money-saving service are expected to contribute regularly to assure continuation of the present level of service.  User support is required to cover the high cost of international mailing.  Without it the DX Bureau will be unable to operate.  Therefore, the DX QSL Bureau Manager asks that you please include $1 per ounce of postage on cards sent to the DX Bureau, or use the form below to make periodic contributions via PayPal using your credit card, or you can make out a check payable to “Rick Mobley” and mail it to the address above.  Please indicate that it’s a DX Bureau Donation.  Payments made via PayPal will appear on your credit card statement as “PAYPAL *RLMOBLEY.”

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