Old Timers Award

The Old-Timer’s Award is earned by having been a member of The 3905 Century Club, Inc. in good standing for thirty or more years and submitting a brief application. There are no contact requirements for this award. As a thank-you from the Board of Directors for long-standing membership, it is free of charge.

In addition to honoring our long-standing and loyal members with the unique certificate, the Club plans to incorporate conacts with Old-Timers as a requirement for some of our awards. Thus, it is desirable that awardees list their Old-Timers number on their QSL cards as a courtesy to those who contact them, as well as to display the honor with pride!

Have you been a member for thirty years or more? Then you qualify for this free award! Download a PDF application form here, or visit our Awards Application page.

Old-Timers Awards Issued

Cert # Call Name Date Issued
1 N5OHL Jimmy Richardson 2021-05-04
2 W2RCH Richard Harting 2021-05-05
3 K1UU Fred Caswell 2021-05-05
4 KB3PU Jim Higgins 2021-05-05
5 NC8I Robert E. Berquist, Jr. 2021-05-05
6 NE0A Doug Roberts 2021-05-05
7 AG5T Marty Blaise 2021-05-05
8 WA0ROH Robert Kyvig 2021-05-06
9 WK1J Dick Powell 2021-05-06
10 KK5XX Frank C. Drewes 2021-05-06
11 NK4T Wayne L. Hester 2021-05-08
12 N0DXH Mary Mann 2021-05-10
13 N0DRX Shel Mann 2021-05-10
14 K4REK Randall E. Kemp 2021-05-10
15 N6OTQ Jim Strohm 2021-05-14
16 N1ABY Craig "Kal" Kalley 2021-05-17
17 W3BS Buddy Spiegel 2021-05-24
18 W0FLZ Paige Butler 2021-05-26

Thank you, Old-Timers, for your long and loyal membership!

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