Welcome to The 3905 Century Club

annual eyeball 2017
jun 15 - 17, upperco, md
hosted by bill dobson, n3wd
The Board of Directors has approved the addition of a pilot net on 20m SSB.
See the Net Schedule for details.

NEW TO OUR NETS?  Welcome to The 3905 Century Club!  You can find quick-start information under the “New to Our Nets?” tab in the blue menu to the left.  The information below is also a good overall introduction to our Club.  Clicking the Club Logo on any page will return you to the Home Page.  We look forward to working you on our nets.

The 3905 Century Club is an international amateur radio club founded on 07‑Feb‑1977, which for almost 40 years has operated the premier Worked All States, DX and awards nets on our amateur bands.  Our purpose is to provide all amateurs—both foreign and domestic—interested in Worked All States or other awards with organized nets populated with like-minded amateurs for making the necessary contacts and receiving the necessary QSLs.  We also have our own extensive Awards Program, which goes well beyond just WAS awards, as well as our own domestic and DX QSL bureaus, all of which are described here on our website.  DX Operators, please see Information for DX Stations.

We offer nets on 20, 40, 75, 80, and 160 meters operating with a mixture of SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK-31 modes.  Check out our Net Schedule to see all we have to offer.

We also offer many fine certificate awards for contacts made on our nets.  See Award Certificate Images.  The QSL cards received for these contacts may also be used to obtain ARRL and other awards, or for any other purpose you care to use them.

We offer several free domestic QSL Bureaus—free in the sense that you supply only self-addressed stamped envelopes (SASES)—for your convenience when exchanging QSLs for contacts made on our nets.  For our DX check-ins we also offer a DX QSL Bureau, which is supported by member donations.  And for Handihams we offer QSL management services via our Handiham QSL Bureau.

The Club also has an annual convention, known as the Eyeball, where many of our members get together to renew old acquaintances or meet for the first time with those they contact on our nets.  Eyeball 2017 will be hosted by Bill Dobson (N3WD) in Upperco, MD the weekend of June 15, 16, 17.

We invite you to explore our website and—more importantly—we invite you to join our nets.  All of our nets operate in the US General Class portion of the amateur bands (40/80m CW nets in the Novice/Tech portion) and all amateurs, domestic and DX, are invited to check in.  We will be glad to operate split for those DX operators who are not allowed to transmit on the net frequencies.  See Information for DX Stations.

By navigating the menu to the left you'll find a wealth of information about The 3905 Century Club.  You might want to start with our New Member Information Packet (PDF).  This information packet should help get you started quickly on our nets by describing our purpose, how our nets operate, a schedule of all our nets, QSLing and our QSL bureaus, and it also contains a list of all the fine awards we offer, as well as a list of all our volunteers who make the Club work.

Earning your first 100-Point Certificate on any band/mode will make you a permanent voting member of The 3905CC and also makes you eligible to earn other awards on that band and mode.  Your first 100-Point award is free!  After earning an initial 100-Point Certificate on any of our nets, you can then go on to earn additional 100-Point certificates on other bands and modes and there are also many other fine Certificate Awards that are fun to work toward and are suitable for display in your "shack."  You also may apply QSLs earned on our nets toward ARRL awards or any other purpose you choose.

So please check out our website and give our nets a try.  Have a logbook or some paper handy when you check in, and a couple of sharp pencils, because we welcome new stations to our nets by making a lot of contacts with them on their first check-in to our nets.  Give us a try!  You might just find yourself hooked like some of us who have been at it for the past 39 years!

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